Tina Herzog – Wild Indigo Essence

Greetings! And thank you for visiting! One month ago, if you told me I’d be writing a blog, I would have laughed. Yet here I am. Funny how life works when you just lift the oars from the water and allow your “boat” to flow freely in the direction it was intended. Wait – what if there’s a waterfall around the bend? Just one of many questions that crop up as you’re considering surrendering to your higher self, source, creator, to the aspect of you.

Around mid-2018, I began to have very vivid dreams. Complete in their plot and clarity. So much so, I began journaling every morning. I thought these entries would be mine only. Funny how life works.

As I begin to continuously surrender to the natural flow, I am blessed with an ease and grace that I couldn’t possibly explain in this small space, except to say “what you resist, persists” is a very real truth.

Through my dreams, and the contact made there, I began to look inward and realize I had much work to do. Yet it seemed daunting at first. Funny how life works. It actually turned out to be a collaborative effort, once I realized and acknowledged I was never alone. Not even in my darkest moments. For once we take our first breath, we are assigned many guides, many angels to help us remember. To help us heal.

And so I began my own healing quest and applied everything I learned inward, on myself, and transformed much, both physically and spiritually. I became so fascinated with vibrational medicine and energy healing in general, that I spent the last year training with the best people and acquiring Practitioner certifications and then I started Wild Indigo Essence. I not only saw the transformation in myself but was graced with witnessing many transformations in my clients.

And so I’ve been encouraged to share my dreams, insights and a little here and there about vibrational healing. I hope you enjoy and can take away even the smallest nugget of goodness to bless your day.

Much Love and Light to you all~

Tina Herzog