An Idea For The Cloud

I had a vision which formed an idea for over a year now and wondered if it was at all a viable project. I am proposing recycling shipping containers and retrofitting them into hydroponic plant containers for countries whose land/soil and water resources are not abundant. There could be 3, 6, or 9 containers per… Continue reading An Idea For The Cloud

For such a time as this

“What about the namaste? What does that mean? Have you ever analyzed that? The God in me meets the God in you, the God in you meets the God in me. This has been the ancient greeting.Did you ever, ever think about what that meant?” Some of you may already know from whence this quote… Continue reading For such a time as this


What if….. What if I allowed every experience to play out, believing I had no control of the outcome or timing… What if every experience that has, is, or will occur - as well as the outcome and timing, was the design of my choosing… What if the programming of beliefs and systems had a… Continue reading WHAT IF…


Good morning! I hope your day has thus far been filled with a "peace that surpasses all understanding," as they say. For in the midst of all this turmoil, perhaps the peace that can only be felt through our hearts and an emotion whose origin is that of love, is the last vestiges of hope and faith that this brief blip in history will bring about humanity's freedom in all its myriad of forms.